Kaosball–the brainchild of Eric Lang–is what happens when a unique fantasy world smashes headfirst into a bone-crunching sports game. Mixing king-of-the-hill style scoring with a brutal death match feel of classic FPSs, Kaosball is a game all about total domination through special team upgrades, ringers, and even a little cheating (if you have the cash to get away with it!) A unique pregame draft system ensures each game is different as you use your team’s cash to edge out your opponent on the crossfield. Now hit the field and destroy everyone in your way, Kaosballers!


“All right, listen up. People say Kaosball is a community, it’s a way of life, it’s the world in miniature played out on the crossfield. It’s all that and more. You find yourself in a team that plays the game the same way you would live your life if you had no limits and no fear. 

But to find that team, you have to know why they play the way they play. And to know that, you’ve got to know the game.” 

- Hardman Jury, “Monday Night Kaosball” 

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